Book Review: Daimon by Jennifer L Armentrout

Synopsis: Alexandria and her mother have been on the run for the past three years. Alex doesn’t know why, just that their lives are in danger, so they have to disappear into the normal world of mortals. Unfortunately, Alex never managed to get the hang of acting like a regular seventeen-year-old girl, but what can you expect from the daughter of a demigod?

Format: This ebook was sent to me in a PDF, and consists of approximately 60 pages of actual text. The PDF does not include the cover image, and has an excessive amount of blank pages that make the book seem longer. While these empty sheets makes sense in a book, all that white space strikes fear into the heart of an e-book reader thinking the remainder of the document is blank until further scrolling has commenced.

Plot: This novella is full of action; that of boys not getting any action, while Alex is constantly in the action by kicking butt. The book gives some insight into the psyche of Alex, but overall leaves the reader with more questions than answers.

Location: This story starts out at the Covenant, but very little is said about it as it is only a memory. Alex most recently resides in Miami, in a rundown house by the beach. The second half of the book occurs on the road while Alex travels towards Nashville, hoping to eventually find her way back into the Covenant.

 Point of View: Daimon is told from Alex’s perspective, a little snarky and always amusing. Because Alex doesn’t have very many answers, this puts the reader on an equal level with Alex as she tries to muddle her way through everything that is thrown at her.

Character: Though only a passing person to Alex, the religious lady on the bus deserves some notice. She may not have been able to hide her distaste for Alex’s state of being, but she didn’t ignore Alex’s need or try to take advantage of it either. Unlike all the other characters in this book who wanted something from Alex, this is the only character who wanted to give something to her.

Ponderings: Why was Mrs Andros so afraid of that caused them to go on the run? Who is Alex’s father, a mere ordinary mortal or something else? What is so different about Alex that causes Daimons to attack her?

Note to Reader: Daimons are purebloods who have turned their back on the gods, and is pronounced “dee-mun”. The Hematoi (hem-a-toy) are children of the demigods, and their lifeblood is filled with Aether, the essence daimons like to suck out.

Quote: “I was prone to random acts of stupidity.”

The Verdict: At this point, having not yet read Half-Blood, I am unsure if this prequel is necessary to understanding the books that follow. I can say, however, that it is an interesting short story that will have you snickering at the humour.

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Author: JaimeKristal

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