Book Review: The Doctor’s Blessing by Patricia Davids

Synopsis: Nurse-midwives require to be partnered with a practicing doctor, so when Harold White is injured while on vacation Amber Bradley has no choice but to stop assisting with home births. When Harold’s grandson temporarily takes over the practice, Amber is ecstatic until she finds out that Phillip thinks that childbearing should only occur in hospitals. Amber needs Phillip to understand the Amish and their beliefs, not only for the sake of the clinic but because she wants him to stay.

Author: Even though Patricia Davids was a nurse for thirty-five years before becoming a writer, she knew little of being a nurse-midwife. Thankfully her nephew married one allowing Patricia to learn about the vocation.

Plot: The story is essentially about a doctor who comes to Amish country and knows so little about their chosen beliefs that he ends up being boycotted until he accepts their decisions. During this he is falling in love with Amber who is a nurse-midwife, a profession he doesn’t think well of.

Theme: Two religions, Christian and Amish, and two nationalities, English and Amish; They are tied together in a way that shows with consideration and understanding, the people of the world can get along peacefully.

Romance: This novel consists of two known types of love story: the doctor-nurse relationship, and the ill-fated couple who is not meant to be due to distance. What makes this novel different is that it is set in Amish country where everything is different.

Point of Interest: You really do learn a fair bit about the Amish way of life that you may not have known. There are different types of Amish denominations similar to Christianity, and there are inherent illnesses more commonly found in the Amish than in any other nationality.

Quote: The Amish say if you want good advice, seek an old man.

The Verdict: While understanding the Amish way of life seems to take precedence over the romance aspect, you don’t necessarily have to be intrigued by that religion to enjoy the book. I am not sure I’d ever read it again, but I would be less hesitant to pick up another similar type of book.

Do you know anything about the Amish? Would you ever choose to live as they do? Why or why not. 

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Author: JaimeKristal

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