Book Review: Wildefire by Karsten Knight

Synopsis: All Ashline ever wanted to do was fit in. Being the adopted Polynesian kid with the rebellious sister made that impossible, so Ashline moves thousands of miles away to a boarding school in the middle of a redwood forest. It doesn’t take long before she and her friends realize they all have special talents… that they are gods and goddesses. And as if her life isn’t crazy enough, Ashline’s sister arrives and makes worse, because wherever Eve is destruction follows.

Author: Karsten has been writing since he was a child. Since then has tried his hand at proofreading and book sales, among other things, before deciding that he was meant to be an author. While he loves football and trying out new restaurants, he always makes time to write. This is his debut novel, but there are two more highly anticipated novels in the works…

Product: The book I received is an ARC, which are occasionally a little more slapdash than the final product. The cover art is fantastic, though it is less detailed than the final product; the back-copy is well written, but on a rather uninspiring brown. Sadly though, after only one reading, the pages were already starting to fall out.

Plot: The story seems a little Percy Jackson-esque, but instead of a summer camp it is a private boarding school. Rather than fighting hell’s monsters and full-gods, the divine crew are up against shadow creatures and mortal-gods.

Character Development: Ashline goes from trying to blend into a wonder-bread neighbourhood but failing, to making friends at boarding school and finally accepting who she is.

Characters: Jackie and Darren are Ashline’s best friends. Jackie is somewhat quirky while Darren is supportive. They create a very human counterpart for Ashline and her divine friends.

Romance: Colt is the kind of boyfriend girls dream of. He’s tall, he’s gorgeous, and he’s completely smitten with Ashline. Colt is romantic, always knows the right thing to say, and makes a date memorable. He finds things that will make Ashline happy and, no matter what she deserves, he never loses interest in her.

Pondering: Why does Serena, the blind freshman who brings the divine five together, vanish for most of the book? After her two pivotal exposition scenes, Serena the Siren only pops in to make her presence known before disappearing again. Why is she not a part of the divine crew when they make a plan to meet since she’s the one who brought them together? And why are there flashes of the little sister?  Is she going to be the main plot of the next book? Ashline was never told who she really is, why not?

Quote: It was one of those oh-shit-what-did-I-just-do moments…

The Verdict: I thought this novel was insanely good! It was all I could do to wait until closer to the on sale date so y’all could just run out and grab it. I definitely am dying in anticipation for the next book from Karsten Knight!

What would you do if you discovered your significant other was a god? 

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Author: JaimeKristal

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