The Author and the Intern

Last Tuesday was one of those slow days that no one seemed to be emailing any requests for books or pictures and –with the potential postal strike in the works- we were not doing much by way of mailings either. Essentially, this means I was doing the filing, the filing, and even more filing.

Then, due to a cancelation in her schedule, Susie Moloney ended up with some spare time and I was asked to take her to a couple book stores.  She was going to sign their stock of her latest novel The Thirteen which is her fourth novel and was being released that day.

This is the first time I would be taking an author about town by myself and, needless to say, I was a bit nervous. Not about being in the presence of an author, but of keeping that author from becoming lost in Toronto! I’m the girl who was given a compass for Christmas because I can’t find my way around a mall, let alone a big city!

Anyways Susie Moloney and I bonded over shoes and being the same height (aka very short) so there was never a quiet moment between us. We went to one bookstore where Susie charmed the sales rep into giving her primo shelving at the front of the store with covers facing out.

As we were walking to the next bookstore just down the street, Susie and I got talking about our “bucket list” and how much fun it would be to join a flash mob. Seconds later Susie noticed a sign:

IIFA Flash Mob

Needless to say, we had to stop to watch for a moment and found out that it was for the Bollywood Awards taking place here in Toronto. Within moments Susie jumped right in and joined the flash mob! Well, technically it was the rehearsal for the filming that would be taking place later, only a few “leaders” actually knew the dance. They were hoping that any random people about town would jump in just like we did!

Susie wanted to stay for the filming so we went to the Chapters-Indigo in the mall to do that signing, and then back to the flash mob location. We did a couple more rehearsals and took pictures on her camera, but time was running out and filming still hadn’t started. I offered to call a cab but, being a New Yorker, Susie hailed one like a pro and we were on our way back to our responsibilities.

Susie said she’d send me the photos. I haven’t gotten the pictures yet, but I can’t wait to see them.  And I must say, that is probably the most fun I will ever have with an author during my internship!

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Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

One thought on “The Author and the Intern”

  1. That is so cool! By the time you’re done this internship, you’d probably have a lot of material to write your own book! haha Can’t wait to see the pics, hope you’ll post them for us! BTW – totally understand the getting lost thing – I’ve said that about the mall a million times, and I can get lost just about anywhere, I’m hopeless! lol


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