Book Review: SEALed with a Kiss by Jill Monroe

Synopsis: Rachel Sutherland’s older sister convinces Rachel to attend the disembarking of the Navy ship as it is always a big event and plenty of fun. Rachel ends up getting the best kiss of her life by Riley Wilkes, the SEAL’s resident player, and decides to have a fling with the sexy sailor.  While a man in uniform is hot, a man out of his uniform is even better…

Author: Jill Monroe has written novels for Harlequin Blaze and Temptation. Whenever sailors coming home appear on the news, Jill always stops to watch but feels bad for the men who have no one on the dock to greet them. That is how the idea for Riley’s story started.

Note to Reader: While this is a stand alone novel, for the first time Jill uses characters from a previous novel she has written calledSEALed and Delivered, based on Rachel’s older sister and her own Navy SEAL.

Subplot: To underscore Rachel’s actions, Rachel has found letters hidden in the B&B wall that were between Rachel’s ancestor, the daughter of the original Sutherland, and an Irish immigrant employed to help build the B&B. The letters reveal a forbidden love that is lost due to family responsibilities, but the hope that the feeling will last forever.

Character: Riley Wilkes is a Navy Seal and omigoodness do I ever love a man in dress whites *swoon* This man will make you laugh, encourage you, be there when you need him, and he has some serious abs.  Riley is used to being overlooked because he came from a large family, and since many women have dubbed him as the good-time guy. What Riley is waiting for is a woman who actually sees him.

Romance: Rachel had a crush on Riley since she first met him, yet he always had a different girl on his arm and flirted with anything in a skirt but her. Riley was interested in Rachel, but she never gave him the time of day no matter how many times he put himself in her way. After from returning from his latest tour, Riley and Rachel get together but Rachel is too afraid to give the relationship a chance thinking that Riley will just break her heart in the end.

DiY: Next time you’re out trolling for a guy, why don’t you give this pick up line a try! “Don’t I know you? Just kiss me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Frank?”

Quote:  Riley indeed had amazing plans for her in the shower the next morning. Rachel had never felt so clean… or so dirty. They were both good.

The Verdict: You don’t need to be in Paris to get a little sizzle, because this novel is hot! A man in uniform always knows how to do things right ;0)

Would you love a military man? Or do you prefer someone with a nine to five job? 

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