Book Review: The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

Synopsis: Grace Eversleigh is an impoverished woman of genteel birth who, upon the death of her parents, must enter the life of servitude. Jack Audley is a soldier in His Majesty’s army before becoming a highwayman. Grace and Jack may never have met if Jack hadn’t accosted the Dowager and Grace’s carriage heading home from a party. If they never had met, then the Dowager may not have recognized Jack as the child of her late second son… a fact that means Jack could very well be the Duke of Wyndham.

Author: Julia Quinn is a favourite author of mine; I have read her books for years.   She is a bestselling author, and has over 20 books and novellas. Julia has always kept me amused with her various books, particularly her Bridgerton series.

Romance: Grace and Jack’s predicament is somewhat commonplace for this type of novel, a member of the upper-class falling in love with someone who is not quite up to par.  What is unusual about this situation is that instead of the problem being a lack of title, the problem is that Jack is coming into a Dukedom and thereby out of Grace’s reach as a servant.

Character: The Dowager Duchess is mean and, for the most part, unlikeable. As a reader, you just love to hate her for being so grouchy and unkind. But sporadically, you end up feeling sorry for the woman as she did lose all three of her sons and her husband to various accidents and illnesses. And towards the end the Dowager mentions that Grace, as the companion, was never supposed to leave making you think that the Dowager is afraid to let anyone close to her for fear they too will leave her alone (by choice or by death).

Quote: Blue silk bedroom, his foot. The place ought to be renamed Corpulent Babies Armed with Quivers and Bows room. Subtitled: Visitors beware.

Love. With a capital L and swirly script and hearts and flowers and whatever else the angels – and yes, all those annoying little cupids- wished to use for embellishment.

The Verdict: A definite must-read for any regency/romance fans out there.  Make sure to read the companion novel that I will be reviewing next.

What would you do if someone told you you were part of a family you have never known?

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