Book Review: Shadowland by Alyson Noel

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Synopsis: Ever and Damen realize that when an immortal dies, they go to the Shadowland. Instead of living in the Summerland or crossing the bridge, an immortal’s soul is trapped in an unending void where their soul dies. Desperate to get the cure for Damen’s illness, Ever turns to magic… and to her cute boss Jude.

Plot: While Ever and Damen are still struggling with whatever plots Roman can cook up, the story is not just another carbon-copy of the previous two in the series.  Not only is Ava back, but Haven is made an immortal! There is also the addition of a new character, the delectable surfer-dude Jude to add some romantic tension to the unbelievably lovey-dovey Ever and Damen.

Ponderings: This book raised a lot of questions left unanswered. If I didn’t already have the fourth book waiting in my TBR pile, I would have been a wee bit aggravated at the wait before finding out what happens next.

  1. Does Roman come onto Ever because he wants what he can’t have, because he knows it bothers her, or because he’d get with anyone?
  2. Why is Haven always looking for love and affection from the worst people she could ever choose? Why aren’t Josh, Miles, and Ever good enough for her?
  3. What is going to happen now that Ever shoved the red juice down Haven’s throat? Is she going to freak or like the thought of immortality? Will she join up with Romans rogues, turning on Ever and Damen?
  4. Why do the twins’ eyes look familiar to Ever? Who is their mother? Someone who reincarnated into a person Ever knows?
  5. What was Riley trying to show Ever in a dream? Or was it even Riley, perhaps it was planted by Roman?
  6. Why does Riley use Jude as an intermediary? Because he is the only person available, because she trusts him, or is Jude is lying?
  7. Why does Damen go overboard with looking after the twins? Is it because he cares, because he is trying to improve his karma, or does he wish he were actually a father?
  8. Which brings to mind, if Damen was screwing around for six-hundred years why is there no offspring? Can immortals not have children?  Was he careful to ensure no progeny? Or is there kids and we just don’t know it yet?
  9. If Damen kept stealing Ever away from Jude in their past incarnations, what does it mean that Damen found Ever before Jude did this time?
  10. Who else is going to end up immortal???

Quote: “Just because something ends doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing… or that it never should have happened in the first place… Because if each step brings us to the next, then how will we ever get anywhere, how will we ever grow if we avoid anything that might hurt us?  If you didn’t [begin] there’s a lot of wonderful moments you would’ve missed.”

The Verdict: A one-day read. So go read it.

What do you think is the answer any of my questions? Did this book raise any other questions for you?



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