Book Review: Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

Have you read my review on the previous books of this trilogy? You can read the first of The Immortals here Evermore

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Synopsis: Ever is becoming a bit more accustomed to her abilities with Damen’s training. But now that she’s accepted her immortality it looks like Damen is loosing his; Damen is not only ill, but so much so that he reverts to his pre-Ever state of being narsty and narcissistic. Oh, and the whole freakin school has gone totally insane. Trying to cure Damen, Ever gets the chance to relive the weekend her family dies. Should she try to save the past or the future?

Plot: I felt the plot was mimicking the first book. In Evermore, Ever thinks Damen is acting weird, she dislikes Damen’s new friend, she finds out that Damen’s friend is dangerous, and then tries to find a way to neutralize the danger. Blue Moon is “second verse, same as the first!” with the only difference being that, instead of Ever in danger of dying, it’s Damen.

Character: I adore Riley whether she is in ghostly form, a memory, or a flashback. It isn’t often that a book can make me cry but I have shed a tear or two in both Evermore and Blue Moon when it comes to sisterly love. When the little sister finally gave Ever a sign that she was okay, well, *sniffle*

Quote: “There was a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is love. And you must’ve used plenty…”

The Verdict: Keep reading the series, because the next two are better.

Do you or anyone you know use that secret ingredient in anything you make? If so, what?

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