Book Review: The Ship of Lost Souls by Rachelle Delaney

Synopsis: Jem and his uncle come to explore the islands in search for treasure only to be captured by pirates the day they arrive. Then the pirates are attacked by ghost pirates, except they aren’t really ghosts but children and teens who were trying to rescue Jem.  Can the Lost Souls find the treasure before the other pirates do?

Author: Rachelle Delaney is a debut author from Vancouver, British Columbia (Yes, another Canadian!). Her writing style is just right for the expected readership of kids from 8 and up.

The Product: There seems to be a few different versions of this book, but the one read consisted of kids hanging of the sides of a ship while at sea.  It was technically well done –you can tell the designer had skills- but it wasn’t totally aesthetically pleasing.  The font is in a larger print and the format is double-spaced, probably easier reading for children who are easily distract- ooooh, shiny!

The Hook: Even though this is a kid’s book, I know I was curious about how children came to be in charge of a ship and were sailing the seas as pirates. If you’re not dreaming of growing up to be a ballerina or a firefighter while growing up, you’re probably planning on running away to pillage and plunder as a pirate!

Quote: “A jolly life we lead upon the fair and sparkling sea, I wont go back; forevermore a pirate I will be.”

The Verdict: Read it to your kids, to your little sibs, or even read it for yourself. It’s a cute story and I’ll be looking for the second of the series when it comes out.

Did you ever want to be a pirate? Why or why not?



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