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Have you read my related IMM about the books Random House gave me?

As I mentioned the other day in my IMM post, I went to Random House Canada on Thursday as part of a “school field trip”. My entire program –which is less than 65 people BTW- was divided into small groups and sent to various publishers who specialized in Educational, Trade, or Childrens’ publishing.

Only eight of us girls were the chosen few to go to Random House, which is Trade. Well, first we stopped for lunch to get some delicious pizza.

I have to say that it was probably the best classroom excursion I’ve been on all year! I’m not counting volunteering at Word on the Street or the Giller Light Bash, as those were events, but Random House is right up there.

First we were brought into a boardroom and stuffed with timbits (for non-Canadians these are also donut-holes) while listening to various employees from different departments and imprints.

Then we were taken on a tour of the office that is three-quarters of an entire floor. I had been chatting with some of the online department via twitter, so I got to meet them. We waved at one of the guest speakers we had in class the previous week, and the guy who was coming to our class as a guest speaker the next day!

We were brought back into the boardroom and given gift bags! Each of us was  three books: a hardcover, a trade fiction, and the ARC for a book already out, as you’ve seen in my IMM yesterday. One was signed!

I had been eyeing up the novel since I found out about it and they gave it to me *happy dance* Not everyone got the book I wanted and received; there was also a book from Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld. I might borrow that from one of the other girls…  I wasn’t the only one to get a book I had been wanting; another girl was dying to read the book we were given the ARC of. It’s an unedited version, but I’m sure it is close enough to the final result.

Between the talk we had with Adria at Random House and Scott, the guest speaker the next day, I have become a bit interested in the publicity department. They were such interesting and energetic speakers that the job seemed like it might be fun! So not only am I going to apply for my “dream job” that I always wanted, but I am going to apply at Random House too for both their editorial and publicity departments.

Yes, I would like to do my internship at my “dream job” to see if it remains my dream, but thanks to Thursday’s field trip I am now have a much more open mind as to where I want to end up…

If you could work at any publishing company, which would you choose?



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