Book Review: Into the Night by Kate Hoffmann

Valentine’s week is soon ending, so here is one more romance novel book review for your enjoyment.

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Synopsis: Tess Robertson has been secretly seeing Jeffery Beales for over four years. After all, it wouldn’t do for everyone to know that the horse farm manager is dating the boss’s son.  Tess expects Jeffery to propose at his parents’ New Years Eve party, and she plans to accept… though she doesn’t love him.  On her way to the party, Tess gets stuck in an elevator with Derek Nolan who impulsively asks Tess to run away with him to the Caribbean for the weekend, no strings attached. Having been responsible her whole life, Tess accepts and finds herself having the time of her life. Tess knows what she has with Derek is too good to be true and can’t last in the “real world”… or can it?

Author: Kate Hoffmann is a Wisconsin girl who has been writing Harlequin novels for years. She has over sixty novels published, some of which are on my bookshelf. If you want to be tempted, pick up one of her profferings.

Character: I adore Derek and not just because he is rich, handsome, and willing to whisk a girl off to paradise on a whim. He follows his heart, doing whatever it takes to get to know the girl he’s interested in better. Yes, he wants to sleep with her –he’s a guy after all- but he’s willing to let her set the pace. When Tess isn’t ready for a relationship, he calls her once a week to stay in contact but give her the space she needs. He puts her first because he loves her *swoon*

Point of Interest: I noticed the majority of the book is carried by just the hero and heroine, with very little involvement by outsiders. Being a romance novel, this may not sound odd, but usually the main characters interact with friends and family often discussing or trying to avoid discussion about their love interest. In this novel, the minor characters pop in for about a page or two before disappearing for the majority of the book.

Unfulfilled Promise: Every book gives a promise to the reader and usually does the expected. I felt the novel did not uphold one “promise” that was implied, that of Derek’s ex-girlfriend/sister-in-law arriving on the island. If there is a phone call saying the ex is on her way, you at the very least expect something more to come of it, yet nothing happened. The ex did not show up and there was no mentioned of hearing that the ex did show up after the couple left the island.

Ponderings: I want to know if more books are planned following Derek’s family, as I have not seen any done previously. When you find out about them you think, there’s a story there! You want to know what is going to happen with Derek’s older brother who’s marriage is falling apart and the little sister who has no direction.

Quote: Just a few seconds later and they would have passed each other by, never knowing the other existed.

The Verdict: A hot read, not for the faint at heart…

What would you do if the person you had been dating and expected to marry announced their engagement at a party you were invited to? What would you say if a stranger asked you to run away with them to a tropical island?



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