Book Review: Sheer Delights by Leslie Kelly

Warning: may contain spoilers

Synopsis: Meg thought she was modeling for a hair salon, but soon is told that it was actually a lingerie store. Meg investigates and when sees her schoolmarm self wearing barely there underwear, she starts crying in the store kiosk. Since buying a gift certificate at the boutique mall for a family member, Joe has been going back to the kiosks to look at the girl of his dreams and rushes to the rescue of the girl crying next to him… only to find out that his dreams have just come to life.

Author: Leslie Kelly is also one of Harlequin’s award winning authors. She not only writes witty romances, but also danger-ridden suspense novels under the pseudonym Leslie Parrish.

Character: Alfred Willis is a recurring minor role in the anthology Behind the Red Doors; he’s the awesome British butler we all wish we knew and would totally be slightly intimidated by. Mr Willis also channels a bit of The Princess Bride movie by always answering teasing comments with “As you wish”.

Romance: This story is more fairy tale-ish, a knight in a leather jacket slaying computer demons for a damsel in distress. He woos her courteously over a short time and wins her heart… and then totally blows it by not being truthful with her since the beginning. Not to worry, all fairy tales end with a happily ever after.

Subplot: Running through all three novellas that take place at The Red doors boutique mall, is the love story between store manager Dixie and her secret admirer. In this final book, we find out the admirer is just who we hoped.

Quote: Every guy ought to dig down and discover a little bit of romance in his soul for Valentine’s Day.

The Verdict: A wonderful conclusion to this lovely anthology.

How would you feel if your picture was used for something you found embarrassing? Is there ever a time you wish someone would have rescued you?



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Author: JaimeKristal

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