Book Review: The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

Have you read my review on the first book of this trilogy? The Summoning

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Synopsis: Chloe manages to escape the Lyle House with a few of her newly found friends. They have discovered that their “powers” were because they had been part of a science experiment that genetically altered them.  Oh, and Chloe is constantly followed around not only by ghosts but by animated corpses because she keeps accidentally raising the dead.

Character Development: Chloe keeps growing as a person, becoming stronger and more self-reliant while still knowing when to ask for help (or at least she’s trying). Everything that happens makes you grow as a person, makes you grow-up, and Chloe is slowing learning to accept who she is.

Publisher: Unlike the first book of the Darkest Powers Trilogy, The Awakening was not published by HarperCollins but by Doubleday Canada. You can tell the difference not just by checking for the company logo, but just by looking at and touching the book.

Cover: While Doubleday stayed in keeping with the original cover image – a girl holding a jewel that has a touch of spot varnish to make it shiny- that is where the similarities stop. The Summoning cover has a matte finish, which gives a rougher texture and feels a bit unusual to someone not used to it, plus the title and authors name are embossed (raised text). The Awakening, while it is not glossy, it has a smoother finish that feels a bit more satin-like. The author and title are also shiny –gilt, I believe?- but not embossed. (If you want to check, run your hand over the inside of the cover, you will feel indents in one book but not in the other.)

Pages: Another difference is the cut of the books, both the cover and the pages. The Summoning cover is what you would expect of a trade paperback, while The Awakening has a paperback version of a dust jacket. Also, The Summoning has perfectly squared edges while The Awakening has unevenly cut pages. If you look closely at the pages, you can see a pattern as to the width of each section, but the intent is to mimic an old book. These types of pages look great but are a bit harder to turn.

Quote: “This is my normal now.”

The Verdict: Didn’t you listen the first time? Go. Read. The. Trilogy!

What cover style do you prefer? Matte, satin finish, or glossy?  Do you like a perfectly squared novel, or ones with rough-cut pages?

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